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SHOWBIZ.ENT effectively generates major exposure for your label, artist(s), brand / company or product through an aggressive and direct approach to consumers anywhere in the United States. We work with clients to maximize their brand assets and to directly shape and manage consumer perception

Street Teams: As Pioneers in the Promotions Game…SHOWBIZ.ENT provides customized high impact marketing campaigns for array of clientele including but not limited to Music, Fashion, Film, Models, and Corporate Brands, to name a few. An essential part of these campaigns is a well trained and knowledgeable staff. Our street teams are aware of the importance in Brand recognition and are determined to help you increase your coverage and saturation of your targeted market. At Showbiz Ent we create the “Hype” and exposure and produce results you need in expanding your message to specific demographics effectively.


Promotional Product: Showbiz Ent can assist your company with customized design, production, and packaging of your product. A key factor in promotional product is Brand Consistency, as well as high quality industry standard photography & graphics. Let our creative team assist in conceptually creating you project / product image to gain maximum effectiveness in today's competitive market. 


Club & Retail Promotions: SHOWBIZ.ENT services Clubs and Retail Outlets with P.O.P items as well as oversee placement and positioning of current projects visuals and product(s).  Team Showbiz strives to gain the maximum exposure at all venues, clubs, and retail outlets. We obtain and maintain personal relationships with Retail Managers as well as Staff within the market.  We prepare bi-weekly activity reports for review of retail feedback as well as performance and progress of the project.  SHOWBIZ.ENT establishes cooperative promotion, cross-retail promotion and niche promotion for club & retail promotion activities.

​​Tour Support & Event Set-Up: Team Showbiz is fully experienced and well prepared to provide our clients with Full Support from Spot Dates to National Tours, Weither it's ​Stage Management, Promotion Director, or Tour Management, our team is well known and respected within many tour circuits within the US and Beyond. ​Having Team Showbiz on Your Next Tour will Give you the ability to Maximize your exposure in every city

you perform or appear.​