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President / Ceo Showbiz Ent LLC 

Nationally Renown for Bringing the "SHOW" to Show Business, David "Showbiz" Rosario has been putting his array of clientele in the spotlight for over 25 Years. Beginning his career in the Entertainment Industry in the early 90's era, he was involved in creating and executing many grassroots promotional campaigns for Music Labels and Fashion Brands in New York City. During the "Pre-Digital Era" when social media wasn't an option, promotions was driven by a boots on the ground approach. The passion for his craft showed in his work ethic and creativity, from gaining visibility for new Artists in the market by utilizing "Guerrilla Marketing" tactics and Consumer Engagement, to designing and building window displays and "Point of Purchase" Product in Major Retail

Platforms. While working his way up the ranks he became a valuable asset to such brands and artists such as Tommy Boy Records, Digital Underground, Boyz II Men, Naughty By Nature, Virgin, Motown Records, Loud/RCA, Universal Music Group, Sony Music as well as others.   

As 2000 rolled in, Showbiz Created "Showbiz Ent" and built a National team of likeminded enthusiastic teammates and began to gain National exposure as a "key influencer & record breaker" in the music marketing arena. It was then his performance and reputation gained him notoriety by Corporate Brands and marketing agencies outside of the Music Industry to Include Fashion, Film and Consumer goods. By him being directly in-tuned to the climate of the market, and Utilizing the same grassroots tactics for these industries, it quickly excelled him as an "In Demand" asset as he began landing accounts with major brands such as New Line Cinema, HBO, EA Sports, Fubu / Willie Esco, Akademiks, Sean John, Adidas to RedBull as a Lifestyle / Street marketing specialist, allowing him to travel to other markets to create Hype and fan fair for new releases and products. By 2006 it was time to grow, The industry was changing and the "pulse of the business moved south as Atlanta was becoming the new "Hollywood", The Decision was made and so was the move.


When arriving in Atlanta in 2006, Showbiz began to network and connect with industry associates and clients in the Atlanta market. Realizing there was a need for his service, He decided to go with an "Old School" approach and took it to the streets. His High Impact Visual presentations were so powerful it was something the city wasn't used to, and it opened the eyes of some of Atlantas entertainment elite.

Since then he has been instrumental in the the careers of some of the Biggest names in music, from Urban, Pop, to Country as well as TV & Film companies. Providing marketing services, Consultation, Tour management, Brand Management, to Creative Direction such as Campaign creatives, Stage / Set Design and more, has made the Showbiz Brand a well Respected asset to the market. By 2010 the Showbiz Brand became more recognize for Unique Tactics and Outside of the Box promotions, his Clientele had grown beyond his expectations to include Political Campaigns, Consumer Good promotions to New Brand Development. In the past 10 years Showbiz has become know as a "One-Stop" Promo Shop, and continues to Shock the industry with High Impact Products and Services.


Trying to stay in the background of the lights, cameras and action, It's hard to miss that Red and White logo saturated throughout the industry. Showbiz is recognized as a pioneer of sorts, very innovative and always ahead of the curve, while always remaining as cool as they come... Chances are If you see a Fleet of Wrapped trucks, Human Billboards, Video Vest Monitors, Jumbo Video Truck on the interstate, a team painting the streets with promo, a Huge display at a Red Carpet Event, Premier, to Epic Trailers and Ad's.... Most Likely SHOWBIZ

is envolved!


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