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Team Showbiz is a Premier Urban Marketing and Promotions firm offering a wide range of services dedicated to image development and brand awareness. As our Slogan Reads “In The Streets When You Aint” Our Team is involved in the daily 24/7 activities in the Urban Lifestyle on a Local, Regional, and National level and has proven to be a priceless service among many of our successful clients.

Established in 1995 our company has built a reputation among tastemakers in the urban culture spanning Multiple Markets

across the US & Canada. Team Showbiz has executed and consulted projects for an array of industries including music, film,
fashion, and lifestyle brands. We have developed a unique pattern of targeting and servicing the urban lifestyle by combining
traditional tactics, alternative media, relationships within the entertainment industry, guerilla marketing, and high impact
imagery campaigns. Our Passion and formula will allow your company to reach not only your target demographic but
will enable

you to gain valuable access to hard to reach niche markets.

Showbiz Ent creates recognition and notoriety through high impact imagery campaigns & Power Promotions, assuring you maximum exposure within you market and beyond. We provide the possibility for an immediate increase in the exposure, growth, and profitability of your company by combining your product with our aggressive public relations and marketing techniques. Our client’s success is based on the implementation of a unique mix of marketing strategies, innovative concepts, aggressive PR and flawless execution.

Showbiz Entertainment campaigns effectively position and present companies and their products in ways that encourage acceptance and the demand from your target audience. Our end goal is to not only increase market share and exposure, but also leave long lasting impressions.  Showbiz Ent has successfully completed many projects for companies specializing in music, fashion, film, arts, entertainment, corporate, and consumer goods industries.

Our firm assists clients in communicating their concepts effectively and exposes their ideas through creative channels to gain maximum exposure. Whether your audience is local, regional, or national, they will know your brand. Showbiz Entertainment will bring in new clientele, build brand loyalty, create unexpected opportunities, strengthen community support, jump start a crusade, increase employee satisfaction, and let the world know that you're making it happen!